UPS errors


At about 18:25 CEST our USP (uninterruptible power supply), where the server with the Jabber/XMPP service runs, started to freak out (sorry, this time a not very technical description, I know): The battery was over 70% but it started to switch the server off and on.
We removed the USP for now, server will be back online in a few minutes.


again down, very unstable server, i go out

Bild des Benutzers Nikolaus Polak

I'm trying to fix the FREE Jabber/XMPP service asap and you write a comment that you leave? Please leave and never come back again.

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i need STABLE jabber service for my job, you server is bad for me, sorry

Bild des Benutzers Nikolaus Polak

You seem to be an idiot, when your work relies on free jabber services.
You know you can pay people to get a Jabber server running for you?

Please stop commenting just leave this website and never connect to our server again. You paid 0€/$ but seem to earn money using our free service, if I wouldn't have a bug here on the server side I need to fix I would really LOL.

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